Save Staff Time with the Automated Call Service

VoiCert Routing Codes

  • Deaconess Hospital  02092
  • Deaconess Breast Center 41200
  • Evansville Surgery Centers
  • Deaconess Campus  62404
  • Gateway Campus  62407
  • Midwest Radiologic Imaging  80080
  • Chancellor Center  for Oncology   82268

The Women’s Hospital

  • Maternity  24240
  • Surgery Admitting (including C-Sections)  24307
VoiCert AC (Automated Call) automates phone-based healthcare transactions using the following process:
  • Provider calls VoiCert and speaks preliminary, demographic and clinical information. This step averages about 3 minutes.
  • VoiCert AC calls the MCO and waits in the holding queue for the MCO representative. Once VoiCert AC has made contact, the MCO representative listens to the demographic and clinical data and then records reply information.
  • VoiCert AC delivers the authorization information to the provider or a pre-specified voice mailbox. VoiCert stores the information permanently for future retrieval through VoiCert Tracker (VCT).

For more information on VoiCert, contact Sally Finley at 812/450-3092.