Inpatient Program

The Diabetes Inpatient Services enables Deaconess Hospital and physicians to address the special needs of patients with diabetes, regardless of the reason for admission.

Inpatient services include:

  • A dedicated staff with expertise in diabetes that supports the physician in meeting glycemic goals and educational needs of patients.
  • Education of professional staff on evidence-based standards of care and current best practices.
  • Glucommander hospital program for a controlled "no guessing" approach to lowering elevated blood sugars and keeping them within a target range. This is especially valuable with surgery or cardiovascular complications.
  • Systemic strategies that address the specific needs of hospitalized patients with diabetes.

Recent studies identify the following statistics related to inpatient diabetes management:

  • Optimal blood glucose control in the first 48 hours after CABG halves the incidence of deep sternal wound infections (DSWI), saving 16 additional days of hospitalization and over $26,000 in costs.
  • Patients with even one blood glucose above 220 mg/dl on the second postoperative day have a 31% chance of developing a nosocomial infection.
  • Aggressive blood glucose control begun in the first 24 hours after a heart attack reduces mortality by 11% as long as 3.5 years later.