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Educational Funds

Continuing Education

Funds are available for the continuing education needs of all Deaconess School of Nursing Alumni. Requests for funds to help finance seminar attendance or continued education for advanced degrees in nursing can be made through any board member or by contacting the Deaconess Foundation at (812)450-3359.

Alumni Descendent Scholarship

The DHSON Alumni annually sponsors a scholarship for Nursing Education to be awarded to the descendants of graduates of the Deaconess Hospital School of Nursing in Evansville Indiana. Up to $15,000 in scholarships will be distributed to the most qualified applicants for the express purpose of providing assistance to a student pursuing education in order to obtain a license for Registered Nursing. It is the Alumni Member’s desire that preference be given to scholarship applicants who are entering their first year of schooling in the pursuance of a Nursing License. Scholarship forms are available  online  or from a member of the Alumni Board of Directors .  The application needs to be returned to Libby Ketchem, at Deaconess Hospital.

Education Funds

Any requests for Alumni funds to help with Continuing Education for any Deaconess School of Nursing Alumni should be sent to Libby Ketchem in care of Deaconess Wound Services at Deaconess Hospital. Funds are available to assist graduates in paying for attendance fees for any Nursing-related educational offering.