Salary & Benefits

1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year Method of Payment
Salary $57,512 $59,566 $61,620 Paid bi-weekly
Housing*/Relocation $11,000 N/A N/A Forgivable Loan total amount paid w/1st paycheck
Meals* 3 free meals in hospital when on duty 3 free meals in hospital when on duty 3 free meals in hospital when on duty  
Chief Pay



$2,215 per 4 weeks (2x) as Chief Resident Monthly stipend paid by the end of each month the resident is Chief Resident.
Total Compensation $68,512 $59,566 $66,050 Includes Salary, Housing, Meals, Relocation and Chief Pay
Professional Development Fund** 5 days,
5 days,
5 days,
With prior approval, paid upon completion & approval of travel expense voucher
OTHER BENEFITS As offered by Deaconess Hospital
* The Housing/Relocation allowance is paid to residents as an $11,000 forgiveness loan. 1/36th of the loan is forgiven for each month the resident satisfies a month of the residency curriculum.
** The annual AAFP membership fee is automatically deducted from each resident's professional development fund.  Unused Professional Development Fund dollars may be carried over each year (days may not be carried over).