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Billing Procedures

Taking Care of Business

Explanation of Benefits Statement

Please note that each time you receive any services from a medical provider, you will receive an Explanation of Benefits statement from Medicare. This is not a bill. This is only for your information. Please file it with your personal records.

Physician Service Billing

After each appointment, Deaconess Hospital will automatically bill both your primary insurance (Medicare) and your supplemental insurance, if applicable. You may not receive a bill from the hospital until all known insurance has been filed and paid and an outstanding balance still remains. If all of the charges are covered, you may not receive an itemization of charges, only an Explanation of Payment statement from your insurance carrier(s). This statement should be filed with your records.

Hospital/Facility Services Billing

There are also hospital charges each time you visit your doctor. The hospital charges a facility fee that covers the cost of equipment, supplies and non-physician staff. There may also be charges for lab tests, electrocardiograms and other procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I have questions about my bill?
Call Patient Financial Services (8 am - 4:15 pm, Monday - Friday)
812-450-6815 or toll free 800-467-1682

Will my Deaconess Primary Care for Seniors physician accept Medicare assignment?
Yes. Here’s how it works. Because we do everything possible to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses, your physician accepts Medicare assignment, which means Medicare decides how much the physician receives for his services.

Medicare pays 80% of an approved charge. Your physician bills you for the remaining 20%. If you have supplemental insurance coverage, it may pay all or some of the remaining 20% charge.

Sample Medical Bill


Amount Approved

Medicare Pays




(80% of approved charge)


In this example, you are responsible for the $2.68,
unless you have supplemental insurance to pay for it.

Do you handle billing?

We bill Medicare, Medicaid and your supplemental insurance for you. It’s one more way we offer you extra convenience.

How does my Medicare Part B $100 deductible work?
Each year, Medicare requires you to pay the first $100 of outpatient medical bills. This is your Part B deductible. You may have to pay some doctor or hospital bills out of your own pocket. This deductible is your financial responsibility unless you have other insurance that covers it.

How am I charged for lab tests?
Medicare does not pay the actual charge that appears on your hospital bill. Instead, it pays the lower price set by the government. It pays the lower price in full, which means you pay nothing for most lab tests. If you have questions about what tests are covered, speak with someone at the Deaconess Primary Care for Seniors office.