ThinkFirst For Teens

This unique community outreach program targets junior high and high school students with the powerful injury prevention message that states, “use your mind to protect your body.” The program presentation elements include: the On the Edge video, an upbeat, age-appropriate video documenting the seriousness of high-risk behaviors and young people’s susceptibility to them; a lesson describing the brain and spinal cord anatomy and physical results of injury; a highly motivating speech by a person, often a teen, who has sustained a permanent spinal cord or traumatic brain injury; and a discussion about bystander do’s and don'ts. Reinforcement activities are often conducted as follow-ups to presentations. Deaconess has served as a satellite chapter for the Think First program since 1990. Dr. Emil Weber, Ramona Gehring, Sharon Michel, Kevin Kendrickson, and Lu Weil along with many other employees have presented this course to more than 36,580 students throughout the tri-state.