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Deaconess Regional Trauma Center

For Health Professionals

Deaconess Hospital provides comprehensive trauma care across the continuum - including prehospital care, state of the art Emergency Department treatment, trauma OR availability 24 hours a day, a Neuro Medical ICU, a dedicated Trauma ICU, and Rehabilitation services.

Level II Trauma Center

Deaconess Hospital is nationally verified and state designated as a Level II Trauma Center -- the first center in Indiana to earn both recognitions.To achieve these designations, Deaconess has demonstrated its high trauma care standards by meeting strict guidelines regarding care of the seriously injured. This process includes a well-coordinated trauma team, continuous quality improvement efforts, a medical review process, a trauma registry, medical staff, regional EMS providers and administrative staff support. Deaconess is nationally verified by the American College of Surgeons (ACS) and is state designated by the Illinois Department of Public Health as a Level II Trauma Center.

Mission & Vision

To establish and manage a health care delivery system that provides optimal care for injured patients in our region. This system encompasses injury prevention, emergency medical services and transportation, acute care, transitional care and the return of the individual to a productive life. Deaconess Trauma Services will strive to lead the hospital and community in improving its performance through:

  • Following the Deaconess Mission, including values and goals already established
  • Creating and providing an effective learning environment and ongoing educational opportunities
  • Encouraging discovery and fulfillment of group and individual potential
  • Modeling effective behavior and practices
  • Providing high-quality care in a fiscally responsible fashion

Deaconess Hospital has been designated as a Level II Trauma Center for Illinois since March 2003. We are also Level II certified through the American College of Surgeons (ACS) Committee on Trauma. The ACS verification is the highest honor attainable for trauma centers.

Quality Assurance

Through a solid commitment to quality care, the Deaconess Trauma Program quality assurance measures include:

  • Trauma Registry - This comprehensive database tracks every trauma patient's movement throughout the Deaconess System. It provides data support for performance improvement, quality improvement, resource management, public health, research and injury prevention efforts.
  • Trauma Medical Quality Assurance Committee - This multidisciplinary group of physicians provides a forum for open discussion of specific cases and clinical trends with a focus on problem solving and issue resolution.
  • Trauma Operational Committee - This committee serves as a troubleshooting group for all working systems.
  • Trauma Medical Director, Orthopedic Trauma Director and Trauma Program Manager - These individuals scrutinize all trauma cases for documentation, appropriateness of care, resuscitation accuracy and patient outcome. They also coordinate a confidential review of all deaths, complications and audit filters to ensure high quality trauma care.