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Additional Screenings

Deaconess Radiology Services assists in providing state-of-the-art screening options for early detection.

Low Dose Lung CT

Calcium Scoring

A calcium score is a measure of how much plaque has accumulated in blood vessels of the heart. The amount of calcium build-up is a good predictor of a person’s risk of a heart attack and can be used as a guide for treatment.

Deaconess uses the latest in CT technology that is accurate without being invasive. The multi-slice CT scanner takes high-speed, low-radiation images of the heart and counts the amount of calcium present. The scan typically takes 10 to 20 seconds and patients remain in their street clothes. There is no need for an IV or medication prior to this heart scan, and the patient’s test time is less than 10 minutes.

Studies show a strong correlation between high levels of calcium build-up and a high amount of blockage in people’s arteries. Calcium scores can range from 0 to over 1,000. If the heart scan shows an absence of calcium build-up, doctors can assure their patients that they are at low risk for having a heart attack over the next two to five years. The presence of plaque confirms that patients do have heart disease, and the higher the calcium score, the greater the risk that patients will suffer a coronary episode.