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Physical Medicine/Rehab

Many people find hope and healing at Deaconess for physical deficits caused by illness and accident. A team of more than 40 physical medicine specialists provides the most advanced rehabilitation services available for acute care throughout the hospital and on an outpatient basis. Patients of all ages are treated at Deaconess, from small children through later maturity.

Referring a Patient 

Patients require a physician referral to the Deaconess Physical Medicine department. To refer your patient, please call our main campus therapy line at 812-450-3354.

Services offered include:

Occupational Therapy

Helping patients with activities of daily living, to maximize their independence.

Physical Therapy

Access to superior technological facilities and specially trained staff assures patients the highest possible level of care.

Cybex Exercise Unit

A computerized isokinetic unit which tests and exercises all joints of the body except the back and neck, allowing accurate monitoring of strength and rehabilitation progress.

Lymphedema Treatment

Once considered a virtually untreatable aftermath of lymph node removal during surgeries for breast cancer and head and neck cancers, lymphedema is now successfully treated at Deaconess by specially trained lymphedema therapists.

Vestibular Disorders

Changes in the inner ear, brought on by disease, age or injury, can lead to dysfunction of this delicate system. Therapists at Deaconess are trained in the assessment and treatment of vestibular and balance disorders.

Burn Program

Experienced on-staff therapists work with burn patients, managing scar tissue with exercise, stretching, compression garments and whirlpool treatments, etc.

Speech Language Pathology

Eleven speech language pathologists administer state-of-the-art therapies in tandem with the area's most sophisticated speech language technology.

Comprehensive Voice Lab

Includes computerized biofeedback of voice production.

Videostrobe Equipment

Allows speech language pathologists to visualize the vocal cords as they move. Swallowing can be observed without the use of x-ray or barium procedures.

Computer Assisted Cognitive Rehab

Utilizes computer technology to help rehabilitate cognitive functions such as memory, problem solving and visual scanning.

Specially Trained Speech Language Pathologists

  • Five Deaconess SLPs are trained in voice restoration for laryngectomy patients utilizing the Blom-Singer voice prosthesis.
  • Seven have advanced training in performing modified barium swallow studies.

Our Continuum of Care

Having access to the comprehensive resources of a major health care facility and medical specialists from many fields, Deaconess provides a complete continuum of care to address all levels of need. As hospital stays continue to decrease dramatically, Deaconess has expanded the role of its outpatient therapy services.

In instances where short-term skilled nursing care or less intensive rehabilitation care is needed, individuals may be served at discharge by case management services. It is our goal to provide patients seamless continuity of care. Our case Management team strives to provide quality care and services by working together with health care partners to facilitate your transition between hospital and inpatient rehabilitative care.  

Prevention in Practice

Deaconess sponsors the local THINKFIRST program, an award-winning public education program focused on the prevention of head and spinal cord injuries. THINKFIRST targets people most at risk for these injuries--those aged 15 to 24. For over a decade, Deaconess has presented the THINKFIRST program to numerous high schools and middle schools. THINKFIRST also presents a program on bicycle safety to local grade schools.