GI Lab: a Department of Deaconess Hospital

GI Lab

The Endoscopy Department is also called the ‘GI Lab’.  

What does the Endoscopy Department do?
  • We use specialized scopes and cameras to look into your gastrointestinal tract (from your mouth to your rectum and everywhere in between). 
  • We can also conduct ultrasounds for your gallbladder and pancreas with the scope that we insert into your small intestine.
  • We can get gallstones out of the duct that goes from your gallbladder to the small intestine (but not the gallbladder itself). 
  • We can test to see if acid from your stomach is causing problems in the esophagus; and check to see if your esophageal muscles are working correctly. 
  • We can take biopsies of the pancreas.
  • We specialize in adult and pediatric patients.