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Outpatient Program

Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes Services

If you have diabetes, or if you are simply at risk for developing the disease, we have a program to help you.

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Patients With Diabetes

Every diabetes patient should participate in our comprehensive self-management training program. Patients who need topic-specific refreshers will benefit from other programs on lifestyle management, insulin instruction, insulin pumps and meter instruction.

Self-Management Training - Our comprehensive self-management training teaches patients how to monitor and control diabetes. The 10-hour program includes information on behavior change, glucose monitoring, oral medication management, insulin management, foot care, meal planning, the role of exercise in diabetes control, and more.

Lifestyle Management - Anyone with diabetes can benefit from our lifestyle management program. Class members learn to make lifestyle changes that reduce the risk of developing diabetes-related complications. Topics include weight management, physical activity, cholesterol management, and stress management.

Insulin Instruction - This program addresses how to take insulin correctly. Topics include types of insulin, timing and dosing of insulin injections, how to mix insulin, proper technique for drawing up and injecting insulin, and Sharps disposal.

Insulin Pump - Patients who use an insulin pump can learn how to control glucose levels within an optimal range using this helpful tool.

Meter Instruction - This program addresses all aspects of blood glucose monitoring. Participants learn about meter selection and maintenance, meter strips, lancing devices, lancets, skin preparation, site selection, record keeping, and when to monitor blood glucose levels.

Pregnant Women With Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes and Pregnancy - The gestational diabetes program is for any woman who has diabetes during pregnancy - those who have diabetes before becoming pregnant and those who develop diabetes after becoming pregnant. Participants learn about meal planning, physical activity, meter instruction, and insulin teaching, if needed.

Individuals Worried About Developing Diabetes

Prediabetes - The prediabetes program is for individuals who show signs that they are developing diabetes but have not been diagnosed with the disease. Participants learn how to reduce risk factors to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes. The program does not require a physician referral.

Nutrition Clinic Visit - This program is designed for individuals who do not yet have diabetes but have risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes. It involves private consultation with a dietitian who completes a thorough assessment and provides nutrition counseling.

Physician Referral

A physician referral is required for participation in all outpatient programs, except the Prediabetes program. Most insurance companies will require a physician referral before paying for our services, so this is a benefit to you. When  we receive a referral form from your physician, we will call you to schedule an appointment.

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