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Deaconess Home Care

Bringing Individualized Health Care to the Comfortable, Familiar Surroundings of Home

An extension of the healing mission of Deaconess Hospital, Deaconess Home Care brings professional health care to the home to maintain or restore a person’s health and well-being. It gives patients and their families an opportunity to be more involved in their care, and helps to reduce the strain and cost of hospitalization or illness.

Deaconess Home Care provides a full range of high-quality nursing and therapy services in the comfortable, familiar surroundings of the patient’s home. Our professional staff works with patients’ physicians to develop a plan of care that assists with rehabilitation while maintaining independence.
  • Services for Patients and Families
  • Professional Registered Nurse Pediatric Home Care
  • LPN/Home Health Aide Medical Equipment
  • Nutritional Counseling Enteral/Infusion Therapy
  • Physical Therapy Social Work Services
  • Speech Pathology/Audiology Enterostomal Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy Telehealth Services 
Skilled Nursing Visits -- Deaconess Home Services provides a variety of services through a team of RNs. The Primary Nurse coordinates all of the care needed for each patient.

Nursing Assessment includes assessment of all body systems and functions such as vital signs and lung sounds.

Nursing Care includes, but is not limited to, wound care, foot care, ostomy care, infusion therapy care, tube feeding care, enemas, and impaction removal. Also available is urine catheter care and pediatric care. We also provide patient education on all aspects of medical care, medication assessment and teaching.

PT, OT and Speech Therapies  -- We provide Physical and Occupational Therapy, as well as Speech Pathology and Audiology. Our therapists complete initial evaluations of patient needs, establish treatment and exercise plans, and perform re-evaluations. The therapists also set short-and long-term goals for patients, work with caregivers to fulfill them, and inform physicians of patient progress or the need for continued services.

Telehealth Home Monitoring
For those managing a chronic illness or recuperating from an injury, undetected health changes can result in disaster. Now, thanks to advances in telehealth technology, Deaconess Home Care patients can receive high quality health care each and every day from the comforts of their home. In today's health care system, with an ever-growing aging population, remote patient monitoring provides an economical method to:
  • reduce preventable emergency care visits and hospitalizations
  • improve patient compliance with medical treatment plans and improve patient outcomes
  • increase patient satisfaction and patients' ability to accomplish activities of daily living
  • help control health care costs

How Does Telehealth Work?
Deaconess Home Care now uses telehealth technology to care for many of its patients in the Tri-State area. Remote patient monitoring (telemonitoring) allows patients to remain safely at home while having their vital signs monitored every day by skilled clinicians at Deaconess Home Care. Health status information is automatically updated to the clinicians. This process allows clinicians to detect even the smallest change in a patient's status, which helps break the cycle of emergency care visits and hospitalizations.

At a preset time each day, a friendly voice on the patient's device guides them through the simple three-minute process to collect their vital signs - blood pressure, weight, heart rate and oxygen saturation. Medical peripheral devices can also be added to measure blood glucose levels, Coumadin levels and lung function. Voice and text prompts are available in eleven languages.

For more information about the telehealth program, please call 812-450-4673.

Home Health Aide visits are made by experienced LPNs under the direction of the Primary Nurse and attending physician to provide high-quality personal care for patient needs, including:
  •  complete bed baths
  •  shower
  •  shaving
  •  shampooing
  •  foot care
  •  wound care
  •  skin care
  •  decubitus care
  •  medication set-up
  •  filling insulin syringes
  • observing vital signs & other aspects of patient condition
  • keeping primary nurse informed of patient changes
Homebound Status
Homebound Status is one of the determining factors for home care eligibility. Determining homebound status depends on the illness or limitations of the patient.  The patient is considered homebound if he/she experiences a normal inability to leave their home.  The patient is allowed brief and infrequent absences from the home for non-medical reasons; including church, etc.  Please see Home Care Medicare Benefit page for other eligibility factors or speak with a Home Care representative.

Patient Education
Individualized training and education are provided as part of the initial visit, as well as ongoing 24 hour support.  This personalized service enhances self-confidence for both the patient and the caregiver.
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