What To Do

If You Suspect a Concussion

  • Seek medical attention right away
A trained health care professional can decide how serious the concussion is and when it's safe for the athlete to return to sports.
  • Keep the athlete out of play
Concussions take time to heal. Don't let your child return to play until a health professional says it's okay. Children who return to play too soon risk a greater chance of having a second concussion. Second or later concussions can be very serious. They can cause permanent brain damage, affecting your child for a lifetime.
  • Tell your child's coach about any recent concussions
Coaches should know if your child had a recent concussion in ANY sport. Your child's coach may not know about a concussion your child received in another activity unless you tell the coach.

To schedule an appointment with the Deaconess Concussion Clinic:

Call: 812-450-TEAM (8326) or 812-450-6700