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Deaconess Concussion Clinic

How Deaconess Concussion Clinic Can Help

The Deaconess Concussion Clinic has trained professionals who understand how to diagnose and treat concussions, preventing further damage to the brain and getting you back to normal activity sooner and more safely.

Comprehensive Services

  • Free ImPACT Baseline Test for Concussion. This test measures normal cognitive function and helps doctors make informed return to play decisions for athletes who suffer a concussion. Call 812-450-TEAM to schedule.
  • Baseline Assessment of Athletes. This is crucial for the management of a future concussion. A baseline assessment provides valuable information for diagnosis and recovery following a concussion.
  • Post-Concussion Assessment and Treatment. After a concussion, visit the Deaconess Concussion Clinic for an assessment of your cognitive function and a treatment to maximize recovery, including a schedule for returning to school, physical activity, sports or your job.

For more information or to schedule an appointment

Call the Deaconess Concussion Clinic at 812-450-TEAM