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Our Professional Team

The Tri-State's Orthopaedic Experts

The Deaconess Hospital Orthopaedic program uses a multidisciplinary team approach, so patients benefit from the expertise of multiple medical disciplines.

Orthopaedic Surgeons

Through extensive education, patient care experience, and on-going medical education, our orthopaedic surgeons are truly experts in their field. They offer accurate diagnosis and cuttting-edge treatment utilizing the best tools medicine has to offer. As necessary, they collaborate with neurosurgeons, vascular surgeons, rheumatologists, radiologists and other specialty physicians in order to provide every patient the best care possible.

Complementary Medical Professionals

While directing a patient's overall care, orthopaedic surgeons rely on a number of medical professionals to provide comprehensive care. Nurses offer patient education and care. Physical and occupational therapists develop and administer exercise and rehabilitation programs. Pharmacists make recommendations regarding medications. Dietitians address increased nutrition needs related to healing. Case managers, social workers and religious life professionals offer other essential services.

Team members coordinate care from diagnosis through recovery. They offer comprehensive education to help patients recover quickly and avoid future injuries. As important, they always have time to address each patient's questions and concerns.