Treatment Options

Effective, Conservative Treatment Options

Conservative medical care is always our first line of therapy. We want to offer the simplest, least-invasive treatment that will effectively address your orthopedic problem.

Conservative treatment may include physical therapy, medication or cortisone injections, among other treatments.

This care may be provided in your physician's office, in the Deaconess Physical Medicine/Rehab Department, or in the Deaconess Pain Management Center.

Preventive Care

Maximizing bone health in our community

One of our priorities is helping you avoid the unnecessary pain of orthopedic problems. As part of this effort we offer educational programming. Many of these programs are planned community events, but we also offer presentations to groups upon request through the Deaconess Speaker's Bureau. To inquire about our Speaker's Bureau, contact the Public Relations Department at 812/450-3199 or submit your request online.

Additionally, the Deaconess Resource Center offers osteoporosis screenings each month. Patients at high risk of osteoporosis can benefit from more detailed bone density testing offered through the Dexa scan at the Deaconess Breast Center.