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Deaconess and Orthopaedic Associates in the News

hipjointClearing Up the Question about Hip Fractures:
When to Replace, When to Fix

Hip fractures in the United States represent an epidemic of disease.  As of 2003, there were 2.25 million hip fractures in the world.  Hip fractures are increasing at a rate of approximately 8% every year due to the population aging and increased activity of our seniors and the community.

weekendwarriorWeekend Warrior Total Knee 

The normal human knee will tolerate the stresses of life – walking, lifting, running, sports, even extreme sports without wearing out enough to ever require a total joint; but, not every knee is normal.  There are many circumstances that cause a knee to wear out and get osteoarthritis.  Plus, the life expectancy in the year 1900 was about 50 – now it is in to the late 80’s; so, we have over 30 extra years to get osteoarthritis.