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Deaconess Regional Laboratory Services

For more information about the online LabTest system, call Deaconess Regional Laboratory at 812/450-2740 or toll-free 800/214-0407.

Service Center Locations (Draw stations)

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DRL offers 7 convenient patient service centers with complete patient registration and specimen collection. Your patients benefit from quick, easy access to laboratory collection services and minimal disruption to their busy lives. These service centers are staffed with highly trained laboratory personnel whose primary role is to provide laboratory collection services for your patients.

Courier Services

Our courier network covers a radius of 60 miles around Evansville. We offer flexible times for specimen pickup from your office.  If required, we arrange multiple daily pick-up times or after-hours pick ups with specimen lock-boxes. Our couriers receive special training in the proper handling and transporting of specimens to maintain the integrity of patient samples.

Stat Services

Unlike many national laboratories, DRL can provide both same-day and stat service for lab work. We can quickly transmit test results to your office, or we can call you directly if the request occurs after normal office hours.

Advanced Testing

We offer state-of-the-art technology, including ThinPrep pap and amplified DNA probe chlamydia/gonorrhea testing. Through our partnership with ARUP Laboratories, we also provide esoteric testing and cutting-edge molecular testing.

Test Directory

DRL offers both an online and printed version of its test directory, which gives detailed instructions for the proper collection of laboratory tests. The directory includes information on fasting criteria, sample collection requirements and sample processing instructions.

Information Technology

Through our LabTest computer system, DRL allows automated test order entry and result viewing directly from your office. To learn more, read the benefits below and take a virtual tour of LabTest. 

  • Quick test selection and ordering
  • Quick look-up for your most commonly ordered tests and custom panels
  • Printed test requisition with pre-printed specimen labels
  • Automatic medical-necessity check and ABN printing features for your Medicare patients
  • Automatic transmission of test results for quick, easy retrieval via the Internet
  • Test trending and graphing capabilities
  • Ability to upload patient demographic and insurance information from your practice management system to avoid unnecessary duplication

Board Certified Pathologist

Medical direction of Deaconess Regional Laboratory is provided by an Evansville-based team of board certified pathologists. Our pathologists have years of laboratory medicine experience and can offer assistance in the selection and interpretation of clinical laboratory tests. Because they are local, they are available to review case slides with referring physicians. A pathologist is either on-site or on-call 24 hours per day.

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Expert Staff

Our equipment is state-of-the-art and highly automated so you receive accurate and timely test results. Our medical technologists, cytologists and histologists have years of experience in laboratory medicine. Many of them have additional specialty certifications, which demonstrate advanced expertise in specific areas of laboratory medicine. This means that when you talk to our staff, your technical questions are being addressed by individuals with the background and knowledge necessary to best assist you. Our phlebotomists, billing personnel and other support staff are well trained and dedicated to performing specific laboratory services. As a result, they have the skill and focus required to meet the needs of your office staff and patients.

Continuum of Care

It is likely that some of your patients will, at some time, be admitted to Deaconess Hospital and later transition to outpatient services. Using DRL for all of your lab testing eliminates the worry of comparing test results from different labs, which may differ in methodology and report format. This continuum of lab services also allows for quick retrieval of test results from both inpatient stays and outpatient visits with one phone call.

Community-Based Services

The Deaconess Laboratory has operated in the tri-state area for more than 100 years. Our mission emphasizes playing an active role in programs that help improve the health of our community. We participate in health screenings and educational opportunities for our community. We support educational programs for area school children by participating in programs with the schools. One example is the Deaconess Health Science Institute, a summer camp for high school students who have an interest in a medical career.

Billing Services

DRL can accommodate many insurance plans and offers competitive prices and client fees. Our dedicated billing system produces easy-to-interpret, client-friendly billing statements.

Hours of Operation

DRL provides 24-hour access to lab services. Our patient service centers are open during normal weekday business hours with limited services on Saturdays. During all other times, patients can access DRL services through the lab located at the main Deaconess campus.

Call us for any of your laboratory needs at 812/450-2740 or toll free 800/214-0407.