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The Heart of Our Program - The Patient

Individualized Care

Our dedication to superior medical care is equaled only by our commitment to patient satisfaction. We accomplish this, in part, by providing individualized care. While our Heart Team uses national treatment guidelines to direct the care they provide, they also respect individual patient needs. They consider each patient’s lifestyle and other personal factors during the many aspects of patient care.

Efficient Services

Patient satisfaction was also a key factor in designing our Heart Hospital Within a Hospital. The efficiencies of this design place most heart services on one floor of the hospital, adding convenience to the benefits we provide. Furthermore, inpatients enjoy private rooms that are tastefully appointed and provide a pleasant environment for both patients and family.

Dedicated Employees

The most important thing we do to ensure patient satisfaction is simple, but often overlooked by other organizations. We make our patients happy simply by making our employees happy. We respect, appreciate and reward good employees. In return, our employees enjoy what they do and are committed to the mission of Deaconess Hospital – and it shows in everything they do.