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Diabetes Self Care Tools

There are many ways to take care of your diabetes and many "tools" you can use to improve your health and prevent diabetes problems. The topics listed below are addressed in a diabetes guide available to patients of the Deaconess Diabetes Center. This guide is only a start. When you learn more about diabetes, it will be easier to take better care of yourself. The more you understand, the more choices you have about when and what to eat, exercise, how to get help, and how you want to live.

The outpatient classes at the Deaconess Diabetes Center provide more detailed information about controlling your diabetes. A physician referral is required for participation in our Outpatient Program. If you believe you could benefit from these services, talk to your doctor. You or your doctor may call the Center at 812/426-9894 to learn more about our classes, support groups and other services.

  Basic Diabetes Self-Care Skills Assessment   Diabetes
  Oral Antidiabetic Agents   Insulin Tips
  Drawing Up & Giving One Kind of Insulin   Sick Day Guidelines
  Drawing Up & Mixing Two Types of Insulin   Ketone Testing
  Signs of Low Blood Glucose   Foot Care
  Signs of High Blood Glucose   Food Planning
  Testing Your Blood Sugar   Exercise Guidelines
  Standards of Medical Care for People With Diabetes   Things to Remember