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Medication Assistance Program

The Medication Assistance Program (MAP) is a complimentary service provided by Deaconess to help patients get their medications in times of need at a reduced or no cost.

MAP works through a variety of public and private services to help patients receive medications at no or reduced cost. We will check the list of medications and link them with specific services or programs that may provide the medications. It is then up to those individual programs whether or not they approve the medication request. If approved, enrollment is generally good for one year. If assistance beyond one year is required, patients may reapply. MAP staff will check all medications in the patient's record, but those that cannot be provided through an assistance plan are the patient’s responsibility.


How Do Patients Qualify?

To qualify for the Medication Assistance Program, patients must meet certain requirements which vary from program to program. Patients who have Rx coverage such as Medicare D as well as patients with high deductibles may qualify for help through some programs. Because each program has different requirements, it is possible to be approved for one medication and not for another. The following are general criteria that most programs require.

  • No prescription insurance coverage

  • Low income (using government guidelines)

  • Inability to pay for medications


What Happens After the Patient Applies?

It usually takes between four and six weeks to get the patient's medication after they have applied for assistance through MAP. In some cases it may be sooner. This is dependent on how quickly patients get the application and financial documentation back to MAP.

The medication is sent to the physician's office. Someone from the physician's office will contact the patient to let them know that their medication is ready to be picked up. MAP is intended to serve as a last resort for patients who are unable to use other programs and who cannot currently afford the medications they need.


Contact Us

Medication Assistance Program
(812) 450-2319
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For Physician Referral:

Please refer patients via the MAP pool in Epic. The MAP Coordinator will determine whether the patient is eligible for assistance.