Resource Library

Enhancing the Mind for Peace of Mind

A cancer diagnosis evokes countless emotions, including fear, confusion and frustration. At the Chancellor Center for Oncology, we are dedicated to helping patients work through these feelings. Our Lending Library is a one of our greatest resources.

Benefits of Our Lending Library

  • Accurate Information - We've eliminated inaccurate cancer sources and selected the best of the accurate materials. Our patients avoid the draining task of sorting through volumes of cancer resources, not knowing which claims to believe.
  • Medical Resources - We offer an abundance of education on the medical side of cancer.
  • Supportive Resources - As important, we've added sources on the emotional and spiritual sides of cancer.
  • Lending Services - We provide books, videotapes and audiotapes that may be checked out.
  • Free Materials - We supply free informational brochures.
  • Computer/Internet Access - Our library includes two computers with Internet access.
  • Convenience - We are systematically linked to the medical library on the Deaconess Hospital campus, which offers two benefits. First, you can choose from a larger volume of material. Second, we can transport materials between our two facilities, allowing you to pick up or drop off materials at the location most convenient for you.

For more information, call 812/858-CARE (2273) or 800/632-2623, or email .