Breast Prosthesis Program

A Service of Deaconess Home Services

Deaconess Home Services is dedicated to providing quality breast prosthetic products to help post-mastectomy patients attain the freedom and comfort of quality breast products. We provide a variety of products designed to achieve confidence in your life.

The team members at Deaconess are fitters for the American Cancer Society and are specially trained to help you choose the product that will rebuild a positive body image.

Fittings are done by appointment. You may be fitted at the Deaconess Home Services location on Garfield Avenue, at the Deaconess Hospital campus downtown, or at the Chancellor Center for Oncology located on the Gateway campus in Newburgh.


Deaconess Home Medical Equipment & Infusion carries products that will meet your needs:

Contour Med

Custom-made breast prosthesis 3D scanning technology. A scan of the chest wall guarantees a comfortable, secure fit with a breathable "stay put" backing that consists of a combination of magnets and adhesives. The form attaches directly to the chest wall.


Over 650 different breast form concepts, shapes and sizes to accommodate different body types, skin tones and surgeries - from mastectomy to lumpectomy. We also carry a line of swimwear camisoles and undergarments.


A company dedicated to a complete line of prosthetic under-garments. American Breast Care Currently the only American-based breast prosthetic company that carries a line of prosthetics.

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