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Tests & Screenings

No one is immune to the possible invasion of cancer. It can strike anyone at any time. This uncertainty can be disheartening. But if cancer is in your future, Deaconess offers good news: You can improve your odds of beating cancer by taking steps to ensure early diagnosis - when cancer is in its most treatable stages.


  • Be aware of cancer warning signs. While the symptoms do not necessarily mean you have cancer, it is essential to see a doctor for further evaluation if you experience any of them.
  • Take an active roll in your health.  Gathering information is vital to understanding and making informed decisions. Visit our My Health Cancer page to find out more.

The 7 Warning Signs Of Cancer Spell C.A.U.T.I.O.N.

The acronym C.A.U.T.I.O.N. can help you remember the 7 warning signs of cancer at all times. If your body is experiencing any of these warning signs, consult with your doctor immediately.

C - Change in bowel or bladder habits. This is a common sign of colorectal cancer.
A - A sore that does not heal in a normal amount of time. If located on the skin or in the mouth, skin cancer or oral cancer could be the cause.
U - Unusual bleeding or discharge. Any bleeding from the bladder, vagina, or rectum could mean prostate, cervical, or colorectal cancer.
T - Thickening of breast tissue or a lump. Any thickening of tissue or a lump on the breast can be a sign of cancer. A lump on a testicle can mean testicular cancer.
I - Indigestion. Indigestion and/or difficulty swallowing can be a symptom of stomach, throat, esophagus, or mouth cancer.
O - Obvious changes to moles or warts. This is the most common sign of skin cancer.
N – Nagging cough. A cough that lasts for four weeks or longer can be a symptom of lung and/or throat cancer.
Now that you know the 7 warning signs of cancer you have a much better chance of early detection in yourself or a loved one. As noted above, though, one of these signs does not necessarily mean you have cancer. An experienced medical professional can diagnose cancer as well as a variety of other diseases.

Age and Gender Appropriate Screenings

Cancer Testing

Presence of any of the seven cancer warning signs or a positive screening test may indicate the need for more definitive testing. Deaconess offers a comprehensive menu of screening and diagnostic tests to ensure early and accurate diagnosis.

The following departments at Deaconess offer the most advanced cancer diagnostic tools available. You may undergo testing in one or more of these areas, depending on the type of testing your physician recommends.

Many people ignore cancer warnings signs and forego cancer screenings, because they're scared to learn that they have cancer. If you fall into this category, remember early detection is the most powerful weapon in the fight against cancer.