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Executive Physicals - Program Overview

Improving the Health of Area Businesses

Deaconess is improving the health of area businesses one person at a time. We offer executive physicals to benefit individual business professionals and executive groups. This comprehensive program focuses on early detection of disease and identification of health behaviors that increase the risk of developing health problems. Using an individualized approach, our professionals help executives implement healthy behaviors that fit their lifestyle. We do not expect or wish for this to interfere with their relationship with an executive’s primary care physician.

The physical consists of a wide array of diagnostic screenings, physical and nutritional assessments, and an extensive physician examination with one-on-one counseling and follow-up. The physical provides an in-depth assessment of their overall health; helps identify potentially harmful risk factors, and can lead to the early detection of diseases. All services are located right on the Deaconess Hospital main campus. The entire testing process takes less than half a normal business day.  A personal assistant will guide them through the entire process to ensure their needs are met. They will have access to a phone, fax, and private work area to address work demands. Following the executive physical and personal counseling, they will receive electronic documentation of their test results in a confidential, easy to understand format. Their primary physician will also receive a copy which includes a medical questionnaire and wellness profile (only done at the initial visit). 

To schedule an appointment and complete pre-visit forms call Karen Gibson. 812-450-7275.

To learn more about Executive Physicals, please contact Terry Swartz. 812-450-7462 or complete the form below.

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