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About Corporate Wellness

Improving the Health of Area Businesses

Deaconess LifeQuest Vision Statement
Wellness is an optimal level of being, achieved and maintained throughout one's life by balancing physical, emotional and spiritual health. The Deaconess vision for wellness assures cost effective, high-quality services, which include assessment, education, intervention and ongoing evaluation to those we serve.
We introduced our program in the early 1990's by providing employee screenings and wellness programs. In 1996 we implemented the Health Care Advocate program. We acquired the Welborn Health Plan's complete Welcare! Program in December 2014. The addition of the Welcare! expertise and clients has helped to increase the quality of our program. This program now serves over 40 client companies with more than 5,000 employees by providing their employees with education, intervention, assessment and ongoing evaluation. The benefit of this effective program is felt daily through healthier and happier workforces and through companies' bottom lines. Just ask around!

We have continued our tradition of a high-quality program by constantly enhancing and improving our services for employees.

Why Wellness?

Benefits of Worksite Health Promotion
An effective worksite health promotion program can offer employers numerous benefits:

  • Health Screening and assessments promote early detection of health problems, earlier treatment, improved disease management, improved outcomes and reduced medical costs. Also, these tools motivate employees to improve lifestyle.
  • Health Care Advocate program empowers employees with accurate health information. Educated employees make better health care decisions, make fewer unnecessary emergency room and physician office visits, spend less time away from work to see a health care provider, are more compliant with treatment plans, and experience reduced cost for long-term care, even when they have chronic conditions. Health Care Advocates offer the knowledge and motivation employees need to improve their health.
  • Wellness programs serve to educate employees and motivate them to adopt a healthier lifestyle, thereby improving health and reducing absenteeism and medical costs.
All of these services together foster improved employee morale, increased productivity and enhanced employee recruitment and retention.

To learn more about Deaconess LifeQuest services, please contact Terry Swartz. 812-450-7462 or e-mail