Child Life Donations

Thank you for considering the needs of Deaconess Riley Children’s Services patients and families. Research has shown in recent years that stress can make it more difficult for patients to heal and stay healthy. 

At Deaconess Riley, we embrace the value of play in the healing process as we work to ensure optimal growth and development of infants, children and youth.

Our patients communicate their needs through words, play and behavior. Play is an essential and natural part of childhood. It helps with coping, diversion, self-expression, and healing and is vital to a child’s growth and development.

Through Family-Centered Care, we partner with parents in their child’s care and hope to give our patients a normal developmental play experience even though they are hospitalized.

Please see our Wish List below for donation ideas and how you can help brighten a child’s hospital stay. Thank you for your joining us in this important and heartfelt mission. 

We also welcome donation of Quilts for our patients.  These items help to bring a sense of home and comfort to a child during a hospital stay.  

Please review the specific Quilt Instructions prior to creating or delivering any quilts.  

Wish List 

The Deaconess Riley Children's Services wish list is listed below.  

Art/Craft Supplies

We love to offer our patients the opportunity to display their creativity and self-expression.  We offer popular daily craft times for our patients. Donations of the following are appreciated:

  • Crayola crayons and colored pencil
  • Crayola washable paints and markers
  • Wood crafts
  • Stickers
  • Construction paper
  • Fuzzy posters with markers
  • Teen craft supplies
  • Latch hook kits
  • Crayola Wonder and Explosion
  • Clay or Play-Doh
  • Water colors, finger paints, acrylic paint
  • Paint brushes or painting tools
  • Jewelry kits
  • Glue sticks or bottles
  • Foam crafts
  • Collage items
  • Paint by number
  • Canvas boards for painting - any size
  • All inclusive craft kits

Toys, Games and Electronics

  • Little Tykes
  • Playskool
  • Fisher Price
  • Little People sets
  • Xbox 360games- rated "E" for everyone
  • Nintendo Wii games
  • Board games



Books, Magazines and Music

  • Board books
  • Interactive books
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Books - new popular children's and teen books
  • Multi-cultural books
  • Puzzle books
  • Relaxation music
  • Classical music
  • Lullaby music
  • Nintendo Wii games
  • Board games


Treasure Box Items

Infant and Toddlers 
  • Balls
  • Board Books
  • Bubbles
  • Peak a Boo Toys 
  • Rattles
  • Soft or Wooden Blocks
  • Small Tonka Vehicles 
  • Small Dolls
  • Squeeze Toys
  • Teething Rings 
School Age
  • Activity Books
  • Art Supply Packs
  • Coloring/Puzzle Books
  • Card Games 
  • Key Chains
  • Gel Pens
  • Hair Accessories
  • Joke Books
  • Mad Libs
  • Magic Trick Sets
  • Yo-Yo's
  • Matchbox Cars
  • Nail Polish 
  • Puzzles 
  • Small Craft Kits
  • Small Lego Sets
  • Small Sport Related items 
  • Sticker Books
  • Travel Size Games 

  • Action Figures
  • Activity Books
  • Balls
  • Bubbles
  • Crayons/Coloring Books
  • Barbie's/Dolls
  • Small Notepads/pens
  • Hair Care Accessories
  • Matchbox Cars
  • My Littlle Pony Set
  • Paint with Water Books
  • Small Packs of Playdoh
  • Small Puzzles
  • Simple Card Games
  • Small Animal Figures
  • Small Duplo or Lego Sets 
  • Activity Books - Word Search/Sodoku
  • Decks of Cards
  • Gel Pens
  • Gift Card for Walmart or Subway
  • Joke Books
  • Sketch or Note Pads
  • Small Art Kits 
  • Fuzzy Posters to Color 
  • Travel Size Body Lotions/Spray
  • Travel Size Games - Checkers/Connect 4
  • Books 

Miscellaneous Items

  • Board Games
  • Car models
  • Wood projects
  • Character coloring books
  • New stuffed animals
  • Lego sets, including Bionicles
  • Bubbles
  • Infant toys, new socks, new onesies
  • Children's new underwear - all sizes
  • Blankets, quilts, and afghans



Thank you

The following individuals, groups and businesses from our community who have generously given to Deaconess Riley Children’s Services.  We thank you for your kindness and generosity.

911 Gives Hope
Red Knights Motorcycle Club
Paige Miller
IKI Woodturners
Chandler Elementary School
Bentley, the Therapy Dog and Janet Myers, RN, MSM, NE-BC, CPHRM
Green River Family Dental
Gail Maurer
Boonville American Legion Auxiliary Post 200
Bernina Sewing Center of Evansville
Hatfield United Methodist Church
Wendy Littlepage
St. James Catholic School 1st grade class
Patricia and Michael Craft
Farm Credit Mid America
Pillow Pals, Inc
Fred Meyer Jewelers
TASC – St. Pauls UCC
John H. Castle Elementary School
Riley Crowley
Bridget Cannon
The Children’s Place
Verlie’s Quilters
St. Johns Angel Quilters
Starlight Children’s Foundation
Paradise Extension Homemakers
Oak Grove Homemakers
USI Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority
University of Evansville
Bob Zasadny


Contact Us

For questions or to make donations, please contact Lisa Lantaff, Child Life Assistant, Deaconess Riley Children's Services, 4011 Gateway Boulevard Newburgh, IN 47630 at 812-842-3834.

Lisa Lantaff
  Lisa Lantaff, Child Life Assistant