Center for Life Balance

The Center for Life Balance provides a variety of holistic health opportunities to assist individuals in aligning body, mind, spirit and emotion.  The classes and groups may serve as an addition to more traditional kinds of therapy or in some cases may help to prevent more serious conditions from developing. 

The classes are open to anyone who is interested and do not require any special skill level to participate. Class size is limited.  Class dates and times are listed below. For a monthly calendar click here.

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Class & Services Descriptions 

Yoga Level I

Yoga can increase flexibility, muscle definition, endurance and mental clarity, and it can decrease stress. Studies have shown significant physical and mental health benefits to those who practice yoga. Our classes are designed to make you feel welcome, with modification offered whenever needed. See the class schedule below for a complete listing of classes.
  • Yoga for Beginners: This class is for those students who have always wanted to try yoga but have been reluctant to take a class.  Basic yoga poses are taught in a small class with the opportunity to ask questions and practice in a class with others new to Yoga.  
  • Yoga with Ease: This class will aid in the release of unconscious and chronic tension in the body while practicing breath awareness to increase mindfulness and well being. Stress and tension caused by our thoughts is carried in our muscle tone and zaps our strength and vitality.  This class will guide you to feeling energized and at peace.  . 60 mins. 
  • Yoga for Strength: Restore proper health and vitality through increasing muscle tone, circulation, postural alignment, and joint mobility. We use therapeutic movement and body awareness to align, strengthen, and balance weakened or inhibited muscle groups and over all body functioning. With increased strength we feel lighter, with increased flexibility we feel more at ease in our own skin, and with increased circulation and alignment we have more energy and less fatigue, aches, and pain. 75 min.
  •  Yoga for Everyone: Classes are designed for those individuals who are interested in establishing new routines in life.  Poses are accessible to those with and without experience.  Yoga is especially beneficial to regain some of those core strengths that are easily lost over time.  Increase flexibility and improve balance while gaining peace of mind at the same time.  
  • Yoga for Emotional Well-Being:  This series of classes will address symptoms of anxiety and/or depression through yoga by using specific poses and breathing techniques. This class utilizes Subtle Yoga which is a trauma sensitive form of yoga. Learn to begin to take control of your emotions through movement and breathing. This is not a therapy group, however the classes work well as an adjunct to therapy. Classes can be scheduled privately or in small groups. Call for more information. Classes are $25 per class.
  • Yoga for Weight Loss: Learn how to jump start your metabolism with yogic techniques such as mindfulness, movement and breath.
  • Chair Yoga: The beauty of chair yoga is that most of the poses can be modified to meet both varied skill levels as well as different levels of mobility. Chair yoga makes the practice accessible to people who have difficulty standing or lack the mobility to transfer from standing poses to floor poses and would benefit from using a chair for support. Most of the benefits of the postures can be achieved by using the chair either as a seat or as a tool to aid balance. Various twists, hip stretches, forward bends and mild backbends are examples. Standing poses can be done using the chair for stability. Students benefit from the same physical and mental health benefits as other classes. The focus is the same for chair yoga as other yoga classes --- breath with movement. Some students may begin with chair yoga and later feel comfortable trying other forms of yoga as balance and flexibility improve.

Tai Chi

See the class schedule below for a complete listing of courses.
  • Tai Chi for Arthritis: Tai Chi for Arthritis is a specialized program that relieves pain and improves quality of life. Based on the Sun style, tai chi for arthritis is easy to learn and improves heart/lung activity, muscle strength, posture and balance. A certified tai chi for arthritis instructor teaches the warm up, movements and cool-down exercises.
  • Tai Chi for Energy: Tai Chi for Energy incorporates unique life energy (Qi Gong) movements with agile stepping. This program is designed to help practitioners acquire better health and wellness, internal energy and the ability to manage stress.
  • Tai Chi for Health: Tai Chi for Health is a carefully designed combination of movements from Chen and Sun styles of tai chi to produce a powerful energy. With regular practice, this program can help you achieve better health and wellness and help you manage stress. A certified tai chi for health instructor teaches the warm up, movements and cool-down exercises.


See the class schedule below for a complete listing of courses.
  • Mindful Meditation: This group will teach meditation and relaxation techniques that you can take home with you to reduce stress.
  • Meditation Relaxation: This group will teach meditation and relaxation techniques that you can take home with you to reduce stress
  • Mindfulness and Relaxation to Reduce Stress: This group experience will explore and practice stress reduction techniques such as Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Mindful Breathing and Meditation. In addition we will discuss and practice ways to  become aware of  self-talk that can lead to distress, anxiety and even depression. Mindfulness is "the intentional, accepting and non-judgmental focus of one's attention on the emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring in the present moment.” Through practice, group members will fill their “tool boxes” with several strategies to find a new balance in life and learn to cope when life’s journey becomes difficult.

Compassionate Communication Skills

Compassionate Communication, also called Non-Violent Communication (NVC), was developed by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg to help people connect with one another on an open-hearted level.
  • Come join this 3 hour interactive workshop and learn to:
    • Connect in times of conflict
    • Break patterns of thinking that lead to anger and depression
    • Be assertive and negotiable at the same time
    • Accurately understand other people's feelings and needs, as well as your own
    The class is led by Syrrus Powell, LCSW, a student of Compassionate Communication since 2002. She was an Assistant Trainer for the international Leadership program run by the Bay Area Center for Nonviolent Communication in Oakland, California, and graduate of Mediate Your Life, a personal and interpersonal mediation year-long intensive mediation program. Syrrus has been teaching Compassionate Communication workshops since 2007. The Indiana Social Worker, Marriage and Family Therapist and Mental Health Counselor Board has approved this organization to provide Category I Continuing Education for LSW, LCSW, LMFT, and LHMC. However, licensees must judge the program's relevance to their professional practice. Deaconess Cross Pointe has been approved as a provider for continuing education programs for Psychologists by the Indiana State Board of Psychology.

Light Therapy

We offer a light therapy box for seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Almost 10% of the population develops SAD, which is a form of depression linked to the decreased hours of sunshine in autumn and winter. Light therapy has been shown to help those who are prone to “the winter blues.” By appointment you can schedule time to relax in front of a light box for up to an hour.

Class & Services Pricing 

Regularly Scheduled Classes
1 hour class - $10 (Deaconess employee - free)
1/2 hour class - $7 (Deaconess employee - free)

Specialty classes/workshops are priced separately and, in most cases, require pre-registration. 

Light Therapy 
$5 for up to 30min.  $10 for up to 60 min. (Deaconess employee - free)

Private Instruction
Private and small group instruction is available for Tai Chi and Yoga. Please contact the Center for more information.

Introductory Classes
If you would like to have an introductory class scheduled at your facility please call us at 812-476-5173.