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Nuclear Medicine

Our Nuclear Medicine Department is staffed by a physician who is board certified in Nuclear/Internal Medicine and a highly skilled technical staff who combine the highest level of care with cutting edge research and technology. Deaconess Clinic's Nuclear Medicine Department lab is certified by the American College of Nuclear Physicians with a three-year accreditation. We offer a full range of diagnostic, therapeutic, and lab procedures.

Nuclear Medicine is a safe and painless medical specialty that is used to diagnose, manage, treat and prevent disease.

Using very small amounts of radioactive materials, nuclear medicine imaging often identifies abnormalities very early in the progression of a disease long before other diagnostic tests. It is an innovative, state-of-the-art method to gather information that may otherwise be unavailable or require surgery.


  • Bone scanning
  • Management of thyroid disease
  • Cardiology imaging - with exclusive attenuation correction for larger patients
  • Treatment Specializing in the management of oncology treatment
  • ProstaScint Exclusive Nuclear Imaging in male patients for the advanced medical
  • management of prostate cancer
  • Tumor imaging
  • Assess physiology or organ function

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