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Osteoporosis occurs when old bone is being lost faster than new bone is being created.  This causes the bones to become weak, brittle and prone to fractures.  Osteoporosis is often known as a "silent disease," and there may be no symptoms until you have a bone fracture.  Some currently available oral medications decrease the amount of bone being lost and increase bone mineral density, but after a few years of treatment the effect may level off.

Deaconess Clinic doctors are participating in a national clinical research study to evaluate if an investigational oral medication can help increase bone mineral density.  To qualify, you must be a female age 60 or older and be post-menopausal for at least five years.  Qualified study participants will receive study-related medical care and study medication at no cost, and may also receive compensation for time and travel.

Health insurance is not required for participation.

To learn more about this study, call the Research InfoLine at 812-474-7184 or toll free at 1-877-654-0311 or visit

Research Physicians: Dr. Mujtaba Tapal, Dr. Mark Graves, Dr. Kashif Iqbal, Dr. Divya Patel, Dr. Youssef Siage, Lynn Whittaker, NP.

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