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Deaconess Project Recognized for Engineering Award

The Indiana Society of Professional Engineers (ISPE) presented Evansville-based Hafer Associates with the 2014 Outstanding Engineering Achievement award in recognition of the recent emergency power expansion project at Deaconess Hospital.

To appropriately serve patients, Deaconess must have reliable power and emergency power. In 2010, the hospital’s emergency power system was aging and had little redundancy and inadequate fuel storage. To help solve this complex and critical issue, Hafer Associates created an innovative engineering design that isolated and improved the emergency power system at Deaconess Hospital. Results of the project include:
  • Construction of a new generator room. It houses 3 Caterpillar diesel 2.25 megawatt (MW) generators. This combined 6.75 MW capacity is above and beyond the hospital’s peak power demand and the new system has the capability to back-feed and run the entire hospital in the event of an extended loss of power.
  • 24 new automatic transfer switches were installed in electrical rooms around the hospital to ensure a smooth transition to emergency power.
  • Redundant power necessary to operate all of the chillers and keep critical spaces cool in the event of a utility failure in the summer now exist.
  • The ability to keep other key operational areas such as Laundry and Dietary running during a loss of utility (Vectren) power.
  • An increased fuel capacity that exceeds federal requirements and enables Deaconess to run on emergency power for up to 2 weeks.
At the award ceremony in Indianapolis this June, ISPE President Scott S. Haraburda, PhD, PE, commented that Hafer’s electrical engineers, Matt Brockman, PE, and Amy Barrett, PE, “demonstrated notable excellence for their ingenuity, quality of design, functionality, energy efficiency, and improvement in the environment.” These are all nomination criteria for the Outstanding Engineering Achievement award.
Ron Steinhart, a principal at Hafer Associates, said, “We’re excited about the award. But, more importantly, we’re excited about how well the design has worked in aiding patients and in the operation of Deaconess.”

Thanks to Hafer Associates, Deaconess Hospital now has more reliable as well as maintainable, power distribution systems. This allows us to continue providing high quality patient care. Being part of Hafer’s success is just icing on the cake.