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Congratulations to our Healthcare Heroes

Earlier this fall, Tri-State residents were asked by the Courier and Press to nominate local "Healthcare Heroes." A panel of local businesspeople gathered to select 33 heroes from the nominations that would be featured in a special section of the newspaper and recognized at an award reception. The only criteria for being designated a healthcare hero was making someone's life better.

Of the 33 award recipients, nine were members of the Deaconess family. Here are their stories:

Baby Tate
Dr. Linda Ramsey, OB/GYN, Women's Healthcare PC; Dr. C. Brennan Fitzpatrick, MFM, Tri-State Perinatology; Dr. Lee Wagmeister, Cardiothoracic Surgeon, The Heart Group; Dr. Satyam Tatineni, Interventional Cardiologist, The Heart Group; and Dr. Marlon Jordan, Director of Noninvasive Services, The Heart Group; received a group award for successfully treating a young pregnant woman having a heart attack AND successfully delivering her baby in the Open Heart Surgical Suite at The Heart Hospital. 

Dr. Ashwani Bedi, MD, Cardiologist, The Heart Group
Dr. Bedi was named a Healthcare Hero for his dedication to patient care. Whether it's an office visit, procedure, or surgery, Dr. Bedi takes his time to really know his patients and find the best treatment path for them.

Cherona Hajewski, Chief Nursing Officer, VP, Patient Care Services
Cherona joined Deaconess in 2007 with a very specific goal in mind - help attain Magnet Designation. In June 2013, the years of documentation, information submission, and site visits culminated in Magnet Designation for Deaconess Hospital, Inc. Cherona represents the multitude of staff members who forged new strategies and relationships to take patient care to the next level. We are proud of them all.

Brad Salhani, RN, The Heart Hospital
Brad was recognized as a Healthcare Hero for his attentiveness to patients and medical situations. In the operating room, the patient room, or even in the hallways of the hospital, Brad is able to adapt to the situation at hand with cool confidence.

Dr. Matthew Vassy, Trauma Medical Director
Dr. Vassy was honored as much for his life saving skills as his educational skills. He routinely talks at school assemblies about how to prevent traumatic injuries providing a unique perspective as both teacher and surgeon.

Congratulations to these Healthcare Heroes and the thousands of others who make up the Deaconess Health System.