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$2.5 Million Grant to Study Heart Disease Awarded

Up to 250 area diabetic and overweight Tri-State residents who have certain cardiac risk factors will have the opportunity to participate in two major long-term research studies. The multi-year studies are part of $2.5 million in research grants awarded to Deaconess to help physicians better understand the effects that certain diabetic and weight loss medications have on reducing cardiovascular disease-related incidences.   

According to Dr. Mark Graves, an Internist at Deaconess Clinic and one of the leading researchers on the studies, “Nearly 85% of diabetics are at risk for cardiovascular disease and it is estimated 1 out of every 3 adults is considered obese. If we are going to reduce patients’ risk of cardiac events such as stroke or heart attack, we need to first understand the effects of new medication on our patients.”

More than a dozen Deaconess Clinic physicians will take part in conducting this research. Doctors Youssef Siage, Mark Graves, James Gutmann, and Ruston Stoltz will serve as lead physicians. All studies will be coordinated through the Deaconess Clinic Research Institute.