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Patient Success Stories

After several weeks or even months with a wound that is non-healing, it is still possible to find success. The integrated treatment approach that Deaconess Wound Services uses plays an important role in finding the right treatment to start healing. Some of our successful patients shared their stories below.

Success Story #1

Patient 1 beforePatient 1 after

This gentleman (age 72) came to us with a wound of 9 months duration. His wound healed in 18 weeks. His wound etiology was venous insufficiency. 

Success Story #2

Patient 2 beforePatient 2 after

This patient (age 73) had a wound of 3 months duration arising from a surgical procedure and subsequent complications. She had other medical conditions related to diabetes, chronic kidney disease and venous insufficiency. Her wound was healed in 17 weeks.

Success Story #3

Patient 3 beforePatient 3 after

This patient (92) came to us with a more acute wound of 3 weeks duration with a medical history of cardiovascular disease, heart failure and arterial insufficiency. She was healed in 3 weeks.

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