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Deaconess Wound Services

Every year, chronic wounds caused by diabetes, poor circulation or other conditions affect 3 to 5 million Americans. The impact is significant, accounting for thousands of lower-extremity amputations every year. Wounds that won’t heal are costly in dollars and in terms of human suffering.

Deaconess Wound Services is working to improve these statistics. Our healing rate and our patients' average time to heal are both significantly better than national averages.

Chronic wounds are wounds that haven’t improved significantly within a month, or have not healed entirely in two months. The best approach for handling chronic wounds is management by an interdisciplinary team consisting of health care professionals working together in a collaborative, supporting manner. This is the basis for Deaconess Wound Services.

A Comprehensive Management Protocol

Deaconess Wound Services provides a thorough diagnostic appraisal of the wound and the patient, followed by a carefully designed case management program. The diagnostic and treatment plan is fully documented and communicated to the primary physician who remains an active member of the wound management team.

Under this system a specialized team evaluates and treats the wound, establishes measures to prevent its recurrence, and informs the primary care physician of the patient’s progress. Some of the benefits of this approach include fewer limb amputations due to severe wounds, earlier recovery, less hospitalization and prevention of prolonged and/or permanent disability.

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Patients may choose to contact Deaconess Wound Services directly or be referred by their personal physician.

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