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Psychological Evaluation

An Essential Component of Your Pre-Surgery Evaluation

The psychological evaluation is a very important component of your overall bariatric surgery evaluation. All potential surgical candidates are required by Deaconess Weight Loss Solutions to undergo evaluation. When determining your eligibility for bariatric surgery, the surgeon will consider the results of the psychological evaluation with the same importance as your medical evaluation. 

The Evaluation - The evaluation will take approximately 3 ½ hours. It will consist of a clinical interview and a written evaluation.

Dr. Ireland's office will contact your insurance company and verify your benefits before your scheduled appointment. If you have a co-payment or a deductible to meet, you will pay this amount on the date of service. Dr. Ireland's office will bill your insurance for the remaining amount. If your insurance policy does not cover this type of service, or if Dr. Ireland's office is an out-of-network provider for your insurance carrier, we will address financial arrangements.