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Nutrition Consultation

A Healthful Diet: Essential to Your Weight Loss Success

Bariatric surgery is merely a tool. To successfully lose weight, you must make lifelong dietary changes. Our registered dietitian will guide you every step of the way.

Surgery Approval - Our dietitian participates in the surgery approval process. She will give the surgeon a professional opinion about your commitment and ability to follow the nutrition guidelines required for safe and successful weight loss.

Nutrition Assessment - During your initial visit, the dietitian will complete an assessment of your weight history, dieting history, and co-morbid conditions as they relate to obesity. She will request a 24-hour food intake record to understand what, when and how much you eat. This will allow her to develop appropriate goals for dietary change. Between each visit, you will complete a daily food diary. The dietitian will review these with you during each visit.

Nutrition Counseling - You will meet with the dietitian at least three times before surgery. Depending on how soon your surgery is approved, you may have the opportunity to meet several more times before your procedure. Each visit will help you feel more prepared for the life-changing surgery. The dietitian will:

  • Set protein goals and instruct you on calculating your protein intake.
  • Provide fluid goals.
  • Review the five food groups and recommend an appropriate number of servings and portion sizes.
  • Offer behavior modification tools to help you change your eating habits.
  • Instruct you on lifetime vitamin/mineral supplementation.
  • Counsel you on use of Optifast liquid diet supplements. You will use these for two weeks before surgery to help you lose weight and boost your nutritional status. We encourage a 10% weight change prior to surgery.

Post-Surgery Process - After surgery, the dietitian will instruct you on diet progression and continue to counsel you on your lifetime diet and supplementation.

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