Exercise Evaluation

Don't just lose weight. Improve your health.

Losing weight without exercise can cause you to lose muscle mass and further deteriorate your health. Our exercise specialists will show you how to improve your health as you lose weight. You will gain strength and endurance and improve your cardiovascular health.

Initial Pre-Op Visit

  • Exercise Involvement History. The exercise specialist will interview you to learn about activities that you like and dislike. This will help her tailor the program to your individual preferences.

Second Pre-Op Visit

  • Activity Review. You will inform the exercise specialist of your current activities. She will discuss the importance of an ongoing walking routine.
  • Body Measurements. The exercise specialist will take several measurements using a standard tape measure. She will also calculate percentage of body fat and BMI. These baseline measurements are great for defining your future weight loss success.

10-Day Post-Op Visit

  • Body Measurements. During your first post-op visit, the exercise specialist will retake all body measurements using the tape measure.
  • New Walking Goal. To improve your health, you will continue to challenge yourself to do more.

1-Month Post-Op Visit

  • Body Measurements.  The exercise specialist will retake all body measurements using the tape measure.
  • Resta-Band. If you have laparoscopic surgery, you will receive a resta-band and instructions for resistance training.
  • Cardio Activity Release. You can expect to be released to do other forms of cardiovascular exercise, including biking, swimming and more.
  • Increase Exercise Goal.  Your exercise time will increase as tolerated. Typically, patients add five minutes per week. By 3-months, you should be doing 30-60 minutes of exercise per day.

3-Month Post-Op Visit

  • Body Measurements. The exercise specialist will retake all measurements, including body fat percentage and BMI.
  • Full Activity Release. The exercise specialist will release you to do any physical activity that you wish.