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Before Gastric

Ensuring a Successful Weight Loss Journey

The pre-surgery process takes some time and energy to complete, but we will be with you every step of the way.

Patient Eligibility & Preparation - We must first complete a comprehensive evaluation to determine if gastric bypass surgery is the best option for you. If we determine that you are a good candidate for the procedure, you must decide if you can make a lifetime commitment to becoming healthier. If you and our medical team agree to move forward, we will begin educating you for the lifestyle changes required. All of this will take place before the surgery.

Insurance Approval - Our experts will prepare the letter of medical necessity (LOMN) required by your insurance company. If necessary, we will act as your advocate to help your insurance company recognize severe obesity as a medical problem. We will make every effort to gain approval for the procedure.

Flow of Events

  1. Initial contact. Client service representative requests personal history and insurance information.
  2. Assessment by clinic physician.
  3. Exercise evaluation. One of our exercise specialists will perform the exercise evaluation.
  4. Dietary evaluation for LOMN. Our staff dietitian will conduct the nutrition evaluation.
  5. Psychiatric evaluation for LOMN.  A professional at Luzio & Ireland Behavioral Services will perform the psychiatric evaluation.
  6. LOMN sent. We will contact you as soon as we get a reply from your insurance company. If surgery is approved, we will schedule the second round of appointments.
  7. Second round of appointments with surgeon, dietitian and exercise specialist. Allow at least three hours for these appointments. The appointments will be one after the other at the clinic. If the bariatric surgeon gives final approval for your surgery, you will have your surgery date scheduled during this visit.
  8. Surgery.
  9. Post-op visits. You will return to the bariatric clinic at the following times after surgery: one to two weeks, one month, 3 months and six months.  Additionally, Gastric Bypass patients will be seen at least  yearly.  Lap Band patients will be return one week post-op and on a monthly basis for the first year thereafter.
  10. Support group meetings. We encourage all patients to attend our free support groups on a regular basis.