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After Gastric Bypass Surgery


When you wake up after surgery

you will be in the recovery room. You will find a drain tube exiting from your abdominal wall and a drain in your bladder.
  • After about one hour in recovery, you will move to your hospital room.
  • That evening, the nurse will ask you to stand at the bedside and move to a chair.
  • The next morning, you will have a contrast x-ray study. If this is okay, you will begin the full liquid diet.
  • After about three days, we will remove the drains and discharge you from the hospital. You will receive a prescription for pain medication and an antacid as well as detailed discharge instructions.
  • Seven to ten days after surgery, you will have your first follow-up visit with the surgeon and dietitian.

For more details about the post-surgery process, review the answers to our patients' most frequently asked questions.