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Weight Loss Solutions Expert Staff

Meet Our Team of Bariatric Professionals

The Deaconess Weight Loss Solutions staff members are truly experts in the field of bariatrics. All have extensive training related to this specialized weight loss surgery. Their knowledge and experience ensure that your surgery will be as safe and successful as medically possible.

The Deaconess Weight Loss Solutions staff includes:

  • Todd Burry, M.D. - Bariatric Surgeon
  • Chris Haughn, M.D. - Bariatric Surgeon
  • Lori Sieboldt, M.D. - Director of Bariatric Medicine
  • Debbie Rakestraw – Lead Medical Office Assistant
  • Mary Beeson - Certified Medical Assistant
  • Debbie Pfeiffer - Registered Dietitian
  • Carolyn Burns - Registered Dietitian
  • Angie Gassford, Medical Office Assistant
  • Jessica Clark, Medical Office Assistant
  • Jessie Edwards, Medical Office Assistant
  • Sarah Bishop, Exercise Specialist
  • Ann Dauby - Supplemental Exercise Specialist

Team Videos

Watch the videos below to learn a little about our team and their roles at Deaconess Weight Loss Solutions.

Sarah: Exercise Specialist

Debbie: Medical Office Assistant

Carolyn: Clinical Dietitian

Ann: Exercise Specialist

Debbie: Registered Dietician

Mary: Clinical Office Assistant