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Mobile Breast Center

Mobile Mammo for Businesses

Deaconess Now Offers Screening Mammograms On the Go 

MapsTo help make these essential tests convenient for the women in the communities we serve, the Deaconess Mobile Breast Center takes its technologists and equipment on the road. As the first mobile breast center in Southern Indiana to offer 3D mammography, we’re bringing this service to women where they live and work.

Our mobile breast center offers the same high-quality 3D technology as our three, fixed-site breast imaging center locations. By performing most mammograms in 15 minutes or less, we make it easy to fit this life-saving test into your busy day.

Annual screening mammograms are covered as a preventive screening under most insurance plans. For the convenience of your staff, we will file a claim with your insurance provider on their behalf. If they do not have insurance and cannot afford to pay for a mammogram, they can still receive a screening – thanks to dedicated grants and other fundraising efforts.

BenefitsThe benefits of offering on-site mammography include:

  • Gain increased wellness at no cost to your organization; more productivity with on-site services.
  • Communicate concern for well-being and increased community goodwill.
  • Raise breast cancer awareness to improve overall health and promote healthy practices.
  • Provide hospital quality mammograms at your door. 

FeaturesDeaconess Mobile Breast Center features include:

  • Our mobile coach provides advanced technology in a comfortable environment.
  • Two private dressing rooms that connect directly to the mammography area.
  • Capacity to serve up to 30 women per day.
  • Staffed by female mammography-certified technologists. 

SchedulingScheduling the Deaconess Mobile Breast Center 

For more information or to request the Deaconess Mobile Breast Center by phone, contact Jill Trautvetter, program manager, at 812-450-3199. After submitting this form, you will be contacted via email or phone within 7 business days.

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