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3D Mammography

Good quality screening mammography saves lives.

Deaconess Breast Services offers digital mammography as well as the latest 3D mammography technology to help identify breast cancer.  Digital mammograms are faster, more efficient and can reduce patient wait time.

Images of the breast are recorded and stored as a file on a computer.  Because the images can be manipulated on a computer screen, doctors can view the images more clearly.  Digital images are also easily transferred from one physician to another, improving continuity of care.

For the early detection of breast cancer, the American Cancer Society recommends women 40 years of age and older have a mammogram and clinical breast exam every year. Women should discuss with their personal health care provider how often to receive breast cancer screening, including mammography and clinical breast exam.

Recommendations vary depending on personal risk factors such a strong family history of breast cancer. If you experience breast symptoms at any age, see your doctor right away.

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