Errin L Weisman, DO

Errin L Weisman
Deaconess Clinic Petersburg
106 W Pike Avenue , Petersburg, IN 47567
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Deaconess Clinic Petersburg

Deaconess Clinic Petersburg

106 W. Pike Ave
Petersburg, Indiana 47567


Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences, 2011


Deaconess Family Medicine

Patient/Physician Philosophy

I am very straightforward, very open, and very honest. That is exactly how I am with patients, and I think they greatly appreciate it. Having someone who will tell them what is going on, be there for them and really relate with to them.

DiabetesDiabetes: Let's Get Serious 

What disease can rob you of your vision, freeze up your GI tract, steal your sense of touch, obliterate your kidneys and wreak havoc on your blood vessels causing strokes or heart attacks? DIABETES. 

medicineNo Bubble Gum Medicine Today

Doctors are now writing fewer prescriptions for antibiotics for young children. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Family Physicians recommend an end to routine antibiotic prescriptions. When is the right time to give your child antibiotics? 

Confronting Misinformation on the webConfronting Misinformation on the Web

How many of you have jumped on the computer, google searched your condition, then spent the next few hours reading about how you probably have the worst diagnosis possible on the web. Learn how to work through the overwhelming health information available.

Vaccinating your childVaccinating Your Child

Vaccinations.  They’re considered to be one of the biggest, most important medical advancements ever made against the spread of infectious disease.  They save lives and prevent so much suffering. But what do you really know about vaccines?

All about influenzaAll About Influenza

We are nearing Influenza “flu” season again. The ideal time to get immunized is before flu viruses start circulating. It takes approximately 2 weeks for your body to process the vaccine and make an effective number of antibodies, so getting vaccinated before the flu hits is key. 

Reality check timeReality Check Time - Today is a New Day!

Thoughts control our mood and actions. We all need a good restart or reality check. So here is a quick list to revitalize, rejuvenate, renew, and refresh you


alcohol and seniorsAlcohol and Seniors

The aging population is not immune to alcohol abuse.  For men and women 65 years of age or older, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse considers one drink per day to be the maximum amount for “moderate” alcohol use


Reading listDr. Weisman’s Recommended Reading List

As I have transitioned from training to full-fledged practice, I have found that there is a lot of good (and bad) literature published in the last few years that I knew nothing about! I’m getting linked in to local libraries and discovering new books as well as re-reading old ones. I wanted to share some of my favorites including ones that have been helpful in my own life.