Majed A Koleilat, MD

Majed A Koleilat
Pediatric Allergy/Immunology
Deaconess Clinic Allergy East
6221 Physicians Ct., Ste. 1, Evansville, IN 47715

Deaconess Clinic Downtown
421 Chestnut Street, Evansville, IN 47713

Deaconess Clinic Princeton
685 Vail St., Princeton, IN 47670
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DC Allergy East

Deaconess Clinic Allergy - East

6221 Physicians Ct., Suite 1
Evansville, IN 47715
Hours vary by department. Please call for specific doctor hours.

Deaconess Clinic Downtown

Deaconess Clinic Downtown

421 Chestnut Street
Evansville, IN 47713
Hours vary by department. Please call for specific doctor hours.

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Deaconess Clinic Princeton

Deaconess Clinic Princeton

685 Vail Street
Princeton, Indiana 47670
Hours: Mon. - Fri. 8am-5pm
Family Medicine

Internal Medicine

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Allergy & Immunology, Pediatrics


Charles University, 1996


Czech Republic - Motol Hospital/Pediatrics


American University of Beirut/Pediatrics
Geisinger Medical Center/Pediatrics


Duke University Graduate Medical Education/Allergy & Immunology


Asthma, allergic rhinitis, urticaria, eczema, food allergies, latex allergies, stinging insect allergies, immunodeficiencies, recurrent infections

Professional Interest

Dr. Koleilat treats patients from infancy up.


American Academy of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology

Additional Languages

French, Czech, Arabic

Additional Information

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Ragweed Allergy Options for Children: Ease the Sneeze

child allergies
Ragweed is a pervasive flowering plant that is nearly inescapable and the cause of allergies worldwide. Allergens and ragweed specifically can be especially dangerous for children. Allergic symptoms can manifest differently in children, and since children spend more time outside, they are therefore subject to more ragweed exposure.

Heave Those Hives: 5 Ways to Combat the Itch

Those tingling red swollen bumps that you may mistake for mosquito bites might just be urticaria (hives). Characterized by sudden itchy red bumps that change shape and turn white if pressed (called blanching), hives are uncomfortable, annoying and troublesome.

Fight the Mites! Six Medical Advances to Beat Dust Mite Allergies

According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, dust mites are the single most common cause of household allergies…provoking sneezing, runny or stuffy noses, and itchy or watery eyes. Most people with this allergy aren’t allergic to dust particles, but to tiny animals called dust mites.

New Allergy Treatment: Sublingual Immunotherapy

Allergy season is in full swing. Most of the tree allergy season is past, but now people who are allergic to grasses are starting to suffer. The options to treat allergies--for decades—have been the use of antihistamine medications and intranasal steroids/antihistamines to help reduce symptoms, as well as allergy shots (immunotherapy) which help your body stop reacting to allergens.

"Dr. Koleilat is the best doctor I have ever had.”

"Dr. Koleilat is a great doctor!”

“Dr. Koleilat is great—by far the best doctor I have ever had.”
"Dr. Koleilat is always prompt and courteous. Seems that he cares even though he is very busy.”