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WE WILL be responsible for ensuring an injury- and accident-free environment. Accidents and errors are the result of actions and attitudes that we can help eliminate. Safety is everyone's responsibility.

  • WE WILL know the appropriate Deaconess Health System department's safety policies and procedures.
  • WE WILL respond immediately to hazards, injuries, and equipment needs.
  • WE WILL ask the immediate supervisor, safety officer, or risk manager for instruction if in doubt about a safety concern.
  • WE WILL know where the Emergency Preparedness Manual is located. We will be prepared to take promp action.
  • WE WILL report all accidents and incidents promptly to the immediate supervisor, safety officer, or risk manager.
  • We will follow up by completing the appropriate Incident Report.
  • WE WILL always use universal standard precautions.
  • WE WILL use protective clothing and equipment as appropriate to the situation.
  • WE WILL immediately inform co-workers if we see they are putting themselves or others at risk.
  • WE WILL be aware of potential chemical hazards.
  • WE WILL know where the Material Safety Data Sheets (M.S.D.S.) are located and how to use them.
  • WE WILL be sure all machinery is in good working order and used properly.
  • WE WILL protect our backs by using the proper technique when lifting, pushing, pulling, or carrying.
  • WE WILL get help and use the appropriate lift equipment when transferring patients.
  • WE WILL dispose of all needles, syringes, and sharp objects in the proper containers.
  • WE WILL keep floors and high-traffic areas clear of clutter and equipment.

Safety is Everyone's Responsibility.