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Personal Appearance

WE WILL represent and reflect our respect for our patients, our customers, and ourselves with our appearance. We will dress in a professional, clean, tasteful, tidy, and modest manner.

WE WILL dress in apparel compliant with Deaconess Health  System Departmental Safety Standards, in accordance with the provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act.

WE WILL use daily hygiene that includes clean teeth, hair, clothes and body, including the use of deodorant.

WE WILL keep fingernails clean and well groomed. Multi-colored nails, nail ornamentation, or extremes in nail polish colors are not acceptable.

WE WILL not wear acrylic nails (e.g., bonding, tips, wrapping tapes, and inlays) if we provide patient care, prepare products for patient use and/or consumption, or are involved in cleaning processes.

WE WILL not use perfume, scented aftershave, or cologne  if we come in contact with the public and/or patients. All other employees will use discretion wearing perfume, aftershave or cologne scents.

WE WILL wear appropriate identification badges. Badges will be facing toward the front, and preferably worn on the upper left or right chest area.

WE WILL wear Deaconess Health System logo wear and all departmental logo wear in accordance with the guidelines stated in Policy and Procedure.

WE WILL wear shoes/footwear that are clean, polished, and in good repair.

WE WILL only wear sunglasses indoors if prescribed by a physician or required by the job.

WE WILL have hairstyles that are neat, clean, professional in appearance, and meet all infection control guidelines.

WE WILL ensure all beards, mustaches, and side burns are trimmed, clean, and will not interfere with personal protective equipment.

WE WILL not have unconventional hair coloring or sculpting.

WE WILL pull back and cover shoulder length or longer hair where there is a health or safety consideration.

WE WILL not have decorative body art, including tattoos, visible at work.

WE WILL comply with the Policies and Procedures regarding jewelry.

WE WILL limit pierced body ornamentation to the ears.