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Ethics & Integrity

WE WILL be fair, sensitive, honest, trusting, and trustworthy in all our dealings. We will always do the right thing, to the best of our abilities. And if we fall short, we will do whatever is required to make amends. We will act in a manner that represents Deaconess values and our own personal integrity.

  • WE WILL not use our positions to benefit our families or ourselves.
  • WE WILL obey all applicable laws, regulations and policies, in fact and in spirit.
  • WE WILL respect and protect our patients' rights.
  • WE WILL not let personal biases affect the performance of our duties.
  • WE WILL maintain an environment free of harassment and discrimination for our patients and co-workers.
  • WE WILL not engage in activities that misrepresent Deaconess or with the intent to defraud.