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Customer Service

Creating A Spirit of Customer Service

WE WILL act as ambassadors of the Deaconess Health System. We will serve our patients, customers and community with the spirit of Courtesy, Respect, Empathy, Dignity, and Optimism.

  • WE WILL promptly welcome patients and customers in a friendly manner.
  • WE WILL make eye contact, smile warmly, introduce ourselves with title/department, and offer a friendly greeting.
  • WE WILL ask, "Is there anything else I can do to make you more comfortable?" or "Is there anything else I can do to help you?"
  • WE WILL listen carefully to what our patients and customers have to say.
  • WE WILL respond to patients, families, and visitors according to approved guidelines.
  • WE WILL keep patients informed of all vital information.
  • WE WILL anticipate the needs of those we serve in order to meet or exceed their expectations.
  • WE WILL assist our customers who need help in finding their way and escort them when possible.
  • WE WILL always allow customers first access (e.g., security van transportation, elevators, stairs).
  • WE WILL take pride in the Deaconess Health System. We will speak positively about the organization in the community as well as at work.