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Confidentiality & Privacy

WE WILL ensure our patients' right to privacy and modesty by creating and maintaining a secure and trusting environment. We will treat all information as confidential.

        • WE WILL always keep patient information private. We will be aware of patients' privacy.

        • WE WILL not discuss our patients or customers in public areas. We will be aware of our surroundings.

        • WE WILL take steps to reduce the likelihood of being overheard when we speak.

        • WE WILL always keep patient information confidential. Only authorized personnel will view files, records, and
        computer screens.

        • WE WILL dispose of patient records properly.

        • WE WILL knock and announce ourself before entering a patient's room.

        • WE WILL close curtains or doors during examinations, procedures, or when otherwise needed.

        • WE WILL provide the proper size gowns and any other coverings to protect our patients' modesty.